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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Therapy and Treatment

Short list of Common Symptoms:

  • History of instability in relationships
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Neglect and/or trauma in childhood
  • Poor ability to self-sooth and comfort
  • Self-harming behaviors or suicidal thoughts or actions
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Many people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) experience episodic highs and lows, as well as inconsistent behavior and mood swings, which are troubling and disconcerting to them and to others. The result to the BPD sufferer is a lack of friendship and other enduring connections to others. The constant relational roller coaster creates great upheaval and instability in many aspects of life. Eventually, the BPD sufferer may tend to withdraw and become isolated. He/she may also withhold their personal information in situations where it is normally shared. Trust of others and oneself can be fleeting.

Dialectical behavior therapy is the gold standard for treating BPD. Dr. Marsha Linehan’s use of the technique involves a process of “opposite action,” among others. Clients are taught to identify safe from unsafe people and to engage these safe people like a compass so they can find their way back to what is real and true. People with BPD need a small and trusting support network of friends and family members to assist them in navigating away from doubt and confusion toward assurance and safety. Clients are seen individually and also with their significant other and extended family members. BPD Support groups do exist but are few in number. The national organization for BPD is TARA.

Weekly therapy sessions allow the person with BPD to begin to trust, safely connect, and attach. Attachment is then transferred to others in their social network. The Trauma therapies can aid clients in overcoming negative beliefs about themselves and the distressing emotions that result. It is easier then for clients to open to new, positive beliefs and positive emotions. The individual with BPD can find greater fulfillment and more connectedness in safer relationships. Please call today to begin that journey

Additional Common Symptoms in BPD
• Few long-lasting relationships
• Anxious/avoidance attachment styles
• Difficulty making decisions
• Over-reacting
• Self-loathing
• Easily offended
• Misinterpretation of others due to trust issues

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Bay Area Therapists Specializing in Borderline Personality Disorder:

Gerald Puk, PhD
Palo Alto


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